16 Nov 2020

MC Server Whitelist

Hey guys!

A while ago I had set up a Minecraft server for myself and recently I decided to open it for use for the members of the guild that I am a member.

Now, me being me (read: lazy), I didn't want to set up a permissions system like most public servers and I trust the members of my guild to...

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30 Mar 2017

Wok's must-have Apps

I was asked today about any particular non-standard apps that I usually install on my machines, so I decided to put it into a blog post.

Non-standard apps that have makes things easier: AKA Wok's must-have app list

Ninite: Multi-app installer/updater. Not an app, but a place to get them. Go to...

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25 Feb 2016

New website

G'day guys, Wok here!

As you can probably see, I've decided to spend some time and re-do my website.

This is just a filler blog-post just so I've got something here.


Wok out.

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